Lili T - The Super Lanyard

Lili T - The Super Lanyard

Lili T California Super Lanyard is a luxuriously soft leather pouch perfect for holding your cash, credit card, and little gloss! The lanyard is made from sturdy, braided paracord with a gorgeous brass clasp attached. And, as with all Lili T. zippers, when in the down position, it is locked. We love this thoughful security feature. Voila, hands free to dance, walk, shop the day/night away. Super indeed. 


*All other Lili T and GSP merchandise pictured is sold separately 


Lili is a thoughtful designer residing in Joshua Tree, California. All of her leather is sourced sustainably. We'd like to think by owning a Lili T piece that we become as cool as the designer herself.


Lili T. Suggested Care:

If leather becomes soiled, use a leather spray, otherwise, journey on! 

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