Lili T. - The Rainbow Necklace

Lili T. - The Rainbow Necklace

Lili T. describes The Rainbow Necklace as a, "Wonderful mess of a necklace" and we couldn't agree more. It includes three gemstones and two hand-sculpted bronze charms. The chain is 24K gold overlay, the closure and jump rings are 14K gold, and each gemstone is set in Vermeil gold plate over Sterling Silver. 


Lili is a thoughtful designer residing in Joshua Tree, California. All of her pure bronze jewelry is hand-sculpted, making each piece unique and and, as she likes to describe, "just the right amout of irregular."


We'd like to think by owning a Lili T. piece that we become as classic and lovely as the designer herself.


The Crown Rings are sold separately. 


*Measures 19"


*Measurement are done as carefully as possible, but alas, are only approximate.

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