Lili T. - The Notebook

Lili T. - The Notebook

The Notebook by Lili T. is a collection of 5 blank notebooks handsewn in a luxurious deep brown leather with contrast stitching. Use it to log your favorite vacation memories, as a sketch book, to store pressed flowers from road trips taken near and far, or gift it to your favorite person. It's even more lovely held in hand, we promise. We recommend wearing or gifting with *The Lili T. Bolo Tie for bonus points. 


**Measures 9" L x 6" W 


Lili is a thoughtful designer residing in Joshua Tree, California. In addition to sculpting pure bronze jewelry, she is also a writer, an art critic, a columnist, a copywriter, and a novelist. Seriously, y'all, talk about talent. The best part, she's one of the most unpretentious people I've ever met. And that right there, makes me want to own ALL of her creations, who's with me?!!


We'd like to think by owning a Lili T. piece that we become as classic and lovely as the designer herself.


*Bolo Tie sold separately 


**Measurements are done as carefully as possible, but alas, are only approximate.

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