Lili T. - The Link Earrings

Lili T. - The Link Earrings

The Link Earrings are hand-sculpted from pure bronze, makeing each pair unique. The loops are 14K gold. They pair nicely with The Link bracelet, which, incidentially, we also offer. Wear them with a tee or dress them up, either way, these luxe stunners will have you feeling pulled together even on most hectic of days. 


Lili is a thoughtful designer residing in Joshua Tree, California. All of her pure bronze jewelry is hand-sculpted, making each piece unique and and, as she likes to describe, "just the right amout of irregular."


We'd like to think by owning a Lili T. piece that we become as classic and lovely as the designer herself.


*Measurement - Length 1.5" 


*Measurements are done as carefully as possible, but alas, are only approximate.

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