Fruity Poms - Pom Drops

Fruity Poms - Pom Drops

Wear these Pom Drops like with your favorite outfit, to jazz up a plain tee (the Turqoise look especially good with a red or brown tee and the Dusty Blue with white or black),  or just because they are so darn cute! Either way, we promise you'll get a ton of compliments. We like to think of them like little cheerleaders right by our ears reminding us just how darn cool, cute, together, etc... we really are! : -) 


These measure aproximately 3.75" in length and the poms are aproximately 1.5" X 1.25" 

They are super lightweight. 


Handcrafted pom earrings made by artist Fruity Poms from San Antonio, Texas.


*Turqoise and Dusty Blue are sold separately

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