GSP Eco-Dyed Bandana - The Ashley Rowe Edit

GSP Eco-Dyed Bandana - The Ashley Rowe Edit

Sourced and sustainably made by us for you. Allow us to introduce you The Garden Harvest, The Ashley Rowe Edit; The darker bandana is "Sundown" and the ligher bandana is "Twlight". 

We started with the already gorgeous cream denim Ashley Rowe large bandana and then botanical-bundled each using a variety of rose petals, rose leaves, + rusty bits (it's Science! and totally safe, we promise).

Eco-dyeing is a true labor of love and takes aproximately 96 hours per bandana; It's not called the slow craft movement for nothing. You may check out our Instagram page and hit the "Bundle Byeing" button at the top to see some of the documented process if you'd like. And while you're there, if you feel so inclined, give us a follow.

Please note, each of these bandanas is hand-dyed and as such, will have slight variations of color density throughout the garment. We think that makes it all the more special + unique like you!


Care Instructions:

Handwash using cold water with a plant based and/or mild soap. Hang or lay flat to dry. If you feel like ironing, do so on a low setting. 

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