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Communitie Marfa Straw Hat

Communitie Marfa Straw Hat

We believe in always looking comfortably put together. These woven straw hats by Communitie Marfa are the perfect acessory in that endeavor. In *4 different styles; The Marfa, The Gambler, The Outback, and The Bolo Chico, each is handwoven in Mexico and then finishing touches provided by John Patrick of Communitie Marfa in Marfa, Texas. Unisex and one size, with a hat band sewn inside, it's just a matter of matching your personal style. Protect yourself from the sun and look cool while you do! 


The Marfa: Wider brim, no tie, shown in the 2nd picture and modeled on Emily in the 3rd picture.  

The Gambler: Smaller brim, no tie, shown in the 4th picture and modeled on Mike in the 5th picture.

The Outback: Smaller brim, light brown suede tie, shown in the 6th picture and modeled on Stephanie in the 7th picture. 

The Bolo Chico: Wider brim, black cord tie, limited edition hat, shown in first picture.

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