Carthusia Perfume

Carthusia Perfume

Carthusia Perfumery is located in the heart of Capri, Italy and is the oldest perfumery in world. It used to be run by monks in the early 1400/1500's. Why is that important to you? Well, at GSP we are picky how we spend our hard-earned money, and we want something special, don't you? Plus, we don't want to smell like everyone else! That's why we worked with C.O.Bigelow to bring Carthusia Perfume to you.


Fun fact, we actully visited the perfumery in 2018 and weren't too sure how to get there by foot. While discussing this over some yummy pasta at lunch, the owner of the restaurant heard us and had a waiter walk us to the perfumery. This is the way of the Italians. Grazie! Double cheek kiss! We hope to get back soon, until then, we have our Carthusia perfume. 


Scent Profiles:

Ligea ; With white musk as a base note and a powdery dry down, Ligea is a delicate, yet sensual choice.

I/O; With star anise featured in the top note of I/O, this citrus scent is modern,  classy, and unisex. 

Tuberosa; With a mix of musk, vetiver, rose, and a bit of cinnamon in the dry down, Tuberosa is a bit slinky in the best way. Deffo NOT your granny's rose perfume! 

Mediterraneo; With both Sicilian lemon and mandarin, this scent is fresh and sophisticated all at the same time. 

Uomo; Directly translating to "man", Uomo combines bergamot, sandalwood, and amber (amongst other yummy scents) to create the perfect Italian scent. We dare say that it's perfect for women to wear as well. 

Each is sold separately


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