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Carthusia - Corallium Eau de Parfum

Carthusia - Corallium Eau de Parfum

Corallium Eau de Parfum will forever by GSP's owner, Stephanie's, favorite Carthusia fragrance. It was the first that wafted over the sea air on her vacation to the Amalfi Coast back in 2018 and her go-to ever since. It's fresh and sultry all at the same time, a bit like everything Italian. She's happy to share it with you! 


Run by monks in the early 1400/1500's, Carthusia Perfumery is located in the heart of Capri, Italy and is the smallest perfumery in world. Why is that important to you? Well, at GSP we are picky how we spend our hard-earned money. We want something special and we don't want to smell like everyone else! That's why we worked with C.O.Bigelow to bring Carthusia Perfume to you.



Top - Fresh/Aromatic; Myrrh, Bay Leaf, Mandarin, Bergamot

Middle - Woody; Patchouly, Cedar Wood, Fine Wood

Base - Amber/Musk; Sage, Tree Goldmoss, Stonecrop, White Musk

1.7 fl.oz.

Made in Italy 

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