Baldwin Leather - Crazy Horse Crossbody (Buckle)

Baldwin Leather - Crazy Horse Crossbody (Buckle)

Eric Baldwin, of Leathersmith USA expertly designs, hand cuts, and hand sews each piece; truly unique and one-of-a-kind. This two-tone crossbody features a removeable inner pocket that can serve as a wallet, as well as a removeable strap. There are dual pockets on the side of the bag for easy storage of keys or items you'd like easy access to. This unique crossbody *measures 12" in length, 7" in depth,3" in width, and its adjustable strap has a drop of 23".  


Please note that Mr. Baldwin does not send his heirloom leather pieces out to be mass produced in a factory, therefore you will see natural variations, spots, possible scruff/scratches even (often easily buffed away with a soft cloth), that are a true testament to the process of a handmade item and its story. All premium leather is sustainably sourced right here in the USA.


We believe that this makes the item truly more unique and that more beautiful. If you do not share in this view, that is ok. We want you to know that just as Mr. Baldwin backs the quality of his products, we do as well and know that if you choose a Baldwin Leather piece, you will cherish it for years to come. 


*All measurements are done with the utmost care and precision with a measuring tape, but alas, are approximate. 

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